Service Delivery

Coteaching and Math

A collaborative partnership exists between our TD teacher and classroom teachers in order provide students with the best possible instruction.  Using a variety of co-teaching models, our TD teacher and classroom teachers will plan and teach engaging, aligned lessons for students tailored to their individual needs.  The TD teacher will push in to the regular classroom and join the classroom teacher to deliver this instruction.

Reading Instruction

TD identified and catalyst students will receive reading instruction in the TD classroom twice a week for forty five minutes. Students will work independently and collaboratively to solve problems, conduct research, complete projects, prepare presentations, participate in Socratic Seminars, conduct debates, etc.  This instruction occurs in the TD classroom with the TD teacher facilitating the learning.

Shared Resources

Our TD teacher will provide classroom teachers with curriculum materials, resources and ideas to implement in the classroom to serve students that need additional enrichment to the core curriculum and provide opportunities for critical thinking.  These resources and lessons will include (but are not limited to) the AIG district department, Jacob’s Ladder, and The College of William and Mary.

Problem based and Project-based learning

Problem based and Project-based learning is a student centered approach that develops student’s critical thinking skills and domain knowledge by working to solve an open-ended, real-world problem.

Project-based learning is an active, inquiry-based instructional approach in which students gain subject knowledge by engaging in an on-going investigation, completing a specific challenge, or creating a final product to share with an authentic audience.