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October TD newsletter

One of my goals for this school year is to build a stronger sense of community while students are working in TD. I have invited the students to bring in items to decorate the walls of the TD trailer: team pennants, motivational sayings, posters of singers and/or bands, bumper stickers, magazine clippings and other scrap book type items.

I am also asking for donations of standard light bulbs, colored lights to string from the ceiling and any type of bean bag chairs and/or the newer trampoline type chairs. We want our room to be a cozy, happy place! Thanks for any donations!

I am also in need in tissues and presharpened golf pencils with erasers. Thank you!

Third Grade Reading:

We are reading The Green Book by Jill Paton Walsh. If you see this book at home, be sure to ask some questions about it with your child. As we read, we are discussing character traits and why characters make certain decisions. Our culminating activity for this novel will be a travel brochure for the planet of Shine!

Third Grade Math:

Multiplication and Division and Mr. Muffles Truffles! We are helping a baker get organized and streamline sales so Mr. Muffles can get back to baking! If boxes hold ten truffles, how many boxes would we need for 245 chocolate truffles? How many leftovers do we have? How many assortment boxes could we make? If each box costs 10 dollars, how much money will Mr. Muffles make? What if we created a larger box?

Fourth grade Reading:

We are working on character for a real life purpose. We have spent three weeks creating and growing a character from our imaginations. This week I will submit your child’s work to a Story Works contest. A published author will select a character to use in a published story. How cool is that?

Fourth Grade Math:

Our focus has been working with and speaking about larger numbers. We played a game called The Amazing Race to 10,000 where students had to travel exactly 10,000 miles to close and far away destinations. Most recently, we analyzed patterns while working with Palindromes. We will move into multiplication in the weeks to come.

Fifth Grade Reading:

We are working towards developing theme in our self-selected chapter books. We are paying close attention to key words, images and symbols, big ideas and feelings. Then we are looking at this work across the chapters and asking “What might the author be trying to teach us about people and life in general?”

Fifth Grade Math:

Multi digit Multiplication! Our boss has given us the task of designing a resort with hotels. We are responsible fro designing each hotel while making sure each room is equipped with certain items. Once we are finished, we will submit our business plan to the boss for approval. Shh! (The boss is greedy with his money and we will all have to make some cuts to our plans.)

Community Information:

Here is a link to Duke Tip information.

Think It Up Challenge at Discovery Place Science

Brain Candy Live

It is an honor to work with your children. Every day is an adventure. If you have suggestions for activities, questions or just want to drop a line to say how pleased you are with Beverly Woods TD program, please contact me at gray.donohoe@cms.k12.nc.us